If you want to become a millionaire overnight or are praying for some other financial miracle, this book is not for you.
~A. Dawn, Invest Now, 2008

Invest Now: Author's Description

Invest Now: A Canadian's Guide to Investing

  • Move beyond savings accounts.
  • Understand financial markets.
  • Start with $25.
  • Pick from 3 easy options.
  • Secure your financial future

Author: A. Dawn

Creator of the website, A Dawn Journal.

Every day, we are faced with tempting opportunities to spend money. Consumers are often asked to buy now and pay later, but author A Dawn believes that you should invest now and buy later. Every time you spend money now, you lose an investment opportunity that could have benefited you greatly in the long run. To help you get started on the path to financial security, this book will show you...

  • How to start investing for the first time.
  • Why leaving money in a savings account is wasteful.
  • How you can start investing with very little money, even $25.
  • Three easy options to start investing immediately.
  • How first time investors can get started with Mutual Funds.
  • A simple explanation of financial markets and products.
  • A guide to protect yourself from scams.