Invest Now Wins Yet Another Award!

I am delighted to let my readers know that Invest Now has been awarded the prestigious Reader’s Choice award by its publisher iUniverse. This is the latest award to be bestowed on the book, which had already been given the Editor’s and Publisher’s Choice awards. This makes for additional publicity for a book which has changed lives and shed light on the world of investment on a budget for its readers. It is a personal honour to receive the award, and a reminder to keep doing my best with more books to come in the future.

Invest Now is a book which shows readers how to make their first steps in the world of investment, how to turn a small initial outlay into one that makes for a healthy profit at a time when we could all do with a little bit extra. With the latest award, the signs are good that people are taking the book seriously and being inspired by its message, there’s not much more I could ask for than that.

Posted by admin on Dec 25 2009 in Invest Now

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